Rinse. Лучший органайзер iTunes


The Best Song Organizer

Прекрасная утилита, чтобы просто и быстро организовать ваши песни — добавить недостающие обложки альбомов, исправить опечатки, удалить дубликаты, переименовать жанров и многое другое. Rinse питается от интеллектуальных онлайн базы данных, которая синхронизируется с вашей локальной коллекцией музыки

Fix Song Details

Rinse automatically looks up your songs in an online music database and downloads the correct details for each song. You can choose to fix songs one-at-a-time so you can see and edit the details before saving them or choose to fix songs automatically (while you sleep!)

Lots of Options

We created Rinse to be easy to use, but it is also the most powerful way to edit your mp3 tags. Rinse has lots of options that allow you to choose exactly what songs get fixed, which details are updated or left alone, how to decide what a duplicate is and more. With Rinse, you are in control.

Remove Duplicate Songs

Removing duplicated tracks from your music library not only saves space, but makes it easier to organize and enjoy your music. Rinse uses an intelligent matching technology to find songs that are duplicates – even if they have different spellings or information. You can choose how Rinse finds duplicates (by ignoring albums, for example) as well as what to do with duplicates once they are found – you can flag them for review or have them deleted immediately.

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